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22 August 1984
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I am 24 years old, a law student, and a serious geek. While not as fannish as once I was, this is a function of time and the aim of energy!

If you unfriend me, I may be sad if you're someone I know and like but I don't generally make an issue of it. People separate, or people friend at random without realizing what they're getting into, et cetera, et cetera.

If you friend me, I'll probably friend you back. I like friends, and thus far nothing has ever incensed me so much at a person to make me want to stop reading them.

If I de-add you, I probably have no idea who you are or why you were friended in the first place and haven't been reading your posts in many a month. It's really, really nothing personal. I just occasionally forget who people are. I don't unfriend very often, not because I'm too moral or kindly or whatever but mostly 'cause I'm lazy and I don't remember to.

Okay. So, me.

I'm a graduate of Western Washington University. My major was English lit, my minor political science. Now I attend Gonzaga University School of Law.

If you want an example of my writing, the easiest thing I can do is to link you to my fanfiction.net id: apocalypse1

Naturally, none of the porn is there. Someday I'll arrange my LJ memories to make the porn easily accessible, or make a web archive of my own, or something. Which brings me to my next point:

Porn happens sometimes. It's not generally locked, although it's always cut. This is because I'm an attention whore and I like for people to read things I write. I don't generally set out, when starting a story, to write porn anymore; I did that while I was training myself to do it but I don't need to anymore. Just sometimes it happens. Thus far I've done male/male (both aliens, but y'know), male/male noncon (whee, freaky teenage wizard porn), female/female (human/alien as well, but Jadzia *looks* human except for the spots), m/f (whee! bondage porn!), and at one point, man-fellating-hotdog. Weirded? Yeah, me too. But in any event, it's a thing that happens sometimes. I have yet to write a "normal" sex scene as such; possibly I should do that at some point. But the point is ... porn happens sometimes. It's just kind of a thing.

I used to be heavily involved in Pern Fandom and now I'm not. Occasionally there will be a rant or just some references you don't understand, and that's probably where it comes from.

I'm a Jew. Er, not very, but it's how I identify. I like other religions, though. But I make fun of all of them. It's a thing.

I have voices in my head. Not really; but sometimes it seems that way, because the characters sometimes seem to have lives of their own. I hasten to add that it's not like I do things in RP that are assholish and then blame it on the voices; no, when they act like assholes it's generally only OOC (out-of-character) or at least in the confines of my own head. I occasionally talk to them. This doesn't mean I'm actually schizophrenic; I just am a very character-driven writer/RPer and that has a tendency to leak. vampireelf, another sufferer of what we refer to as DICD, knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Sometimes original fiction happens. It gets posted here. I *yearn* for feedback on it.

I married xandri at marry_a_ljuser, but that hasn't stopped me being a fanfic whore.

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