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It is possible that I have a donut hangover right now.

Jun. 14th, 2011

For several days, Chiana was not eating her food. She would eat a few pellets out of the dish and then leave the rest. I didn't see her eating or drinking, although I knew she was drinking at least a little because I kept checking her skin and she didn't seem dehydrated. I put an extra dish of water in my bedroom because she seemed more comfortable in there (hiding under the bed most of the time). I speculated that she might be so used to staying in one room all the time that she's just confused by the existence of other rooms without dogs in them, although she does come out and cuddle with me on the couch in the living room sometimes.

When I moved out here, she ended up with a new cat tree to replace the dilapidated, shredded, ugly old tree she'd been sitting on for the past couple of years. She likes the new tree. It has a squishier house in the middle that she likes to perch in, and of all the changes in her abode moving from Spokane to Colville, it seems to be the one that has met with the most of her approval (well, that and the fact that I spend more time in her reach since there are no dogs to chase her off). The old tree, however - was where she ate her food. I kept her dish up there because it was where the dogs would not get it. This didn't occur to me in the new house; actually, my stepmother was pretty excited about being able to keep her food someplace where it would not make a mess on carpet or lead to weird stains and extra shredding on her tree. I set out her food and water under the window in the living room, where she was ignoring both except for very rare excursions to where she did not eat or drink enough.

Today, I decided that I was going to put the food in my bedroom at night to see if she would be more comfortable eating in here. I put the food on the floor next to her extra dish of water. As soon as I turned out the lights, she bounded over and ate half the dish right away. Okay. She doesn't like eating on the hardwood for some reason. I don't know why, but I am not going to argue with her. For one thing, she is a cat. After a few minutes, I heard a scratching sound -- she was attempting to bury her food in the carpet. Which means that she was clawing at the carpet in my rented house. So first I stuck the food dish on the mat across the floor, so at least if she was going to shred something it would be my actual property. Uh. And then, she was just picking it up and moving it around - it wasn't stable enough for her to do her food hidey scratching. So I guess she doesn't like eating on the hardwood because she can't pretend to bury her food after she eats part of it out there -- the wood is not yielding enough for her claws to make it worth the attempt.

So I picked up the dish and put it on the platform of her tree. She ate a little more of it, scratched at the platform, and then curled up on the uppermost platform and started to alternate between playing with her ball and washing her face.

So she wins. She gets to have her food on the tree. For pity's sake.

Jun. 14th, 2011


I have been working at the law firm since June 1st. Half a month; I've already lost track of all the different things I've done since starting, which range from a felony assault through all manner of misdemeanors through an appeal on a breach of contract matter on through the civil courts, a messy custody battle, and a bunch of frankly weird shit that I can't describe in much more detail than that because the situations are individually so bizarre as to breach confidentiality by their hypotheticals. I like the people I work with; they have introduced me to a really delicious Chinese restaurant within a half hour's drive from here, and we plan to meet Monday nights for an office tabletop game ... although this week that didn't work out because the GM was flattened by illness. He still isn't doing that great, and that has led to the shuffling of a startling amount of criminal work over to me, but I think I am already getting more accustomed to it.

Basically, the job is really busy. Which is good. Because the more hours I manage to bill, the more money I get that I can try and pay my mounting bills with. Living on my own is surprisingly expensive. I think I should be okay to pay my bills. I am a little concerned about my student loan payments; I worked out my budget assuming the consolidated student loan rate, but I went through the application process on consolidating my loans at the end of May and I still haven't heard back from the Department of Education. I'm still in deferment as of June, so it shouldn't be a problem this month, but if my bills next month are for student loan payments to both of my separate lenders on all of my individual loans pre-consolidated ... well, the 48 packs of ramen I have in my closet are going to prove pretty valuable to my life.

I also need to figure out a cat sitter for my trip to Oregon. I am afraid to use craigslist. My stepmom suggests I call a local vet and see if they have anyone they recommend. I think I might want to check at the office first to see if there is anyone who isn't deathly allergic to cats. Although if Chiana continues to refuse to eat more than a mouthful of food a day, I guess managing four days without me isn't going to be a problem for her little sulky fat butt.

I still have this niggling urge to write Dragon Age 2 fanfiction. If I succumb, I am sure you will hear more about it.

Soon, I need to clean my wooden floor. But right now, I am going to eat some of my ramen and then go back to work. I have a jail visit this afternoon and also I need to draft a probate petition, which I have never done before.

May. 25th, 2011

All right. I am going to rent a house in Colville. It is adorable and wee and I can afford it. I like it a lot. I am now trying to stop myself from worrying totally unnecessarily that something will manage to go wrong in between their agreeing to fax me the rental papers this morning and my picking them up, filling them out, and sending the check tomorrow via overnight mail.

Then my job starts on Wednesday morning. One week from today! I am excited!

These are all exciting things. I am not going to flail and be stupidly stressed out about any of it.
So I watched yesterday's episode of Rachel Maddow and I'm beginning to think I need to stop paying attention to political news altogether just in avoidance of things that will skyrocket my blood pressure. She did a segment covering the idiotic "birther bill" in Arizona, and I'd heard of this, but the prior coverage I'd read of it/heard of it had just stated it required presidential candidates to provide their birth certificates. Which is redundant and silly legislation; presidential candidates already provide plenty of proof of citizenship in order to run on the federal level, and there's really no reason to have to submit their records to individual states except to add an unnecessary layer of bureaucracy, so even on its face, the bill is a facetious waste of the time and money of the Arizona taxpayer and, if anything, an unconstitutional restriction on the political freedoms of American citizens to run for office.

But here's the part where it just gets ridiculous, and the part that I wasn't aware of before -- I checked out the bill itself after I watched Rachel's segment, since the text of it is available online from the Arizona legislature. They do, indeed, require a long form birth certificate in order to accept a presidential nominee in this bill. They amended the bill to include a proviso so that if you can't provide your birth certificate, you can supplement it with two out of the following in the list of documentation:


So, okay. Leaving aside for the moment the fact that the fact that not having access to a long form birth certificate shouldn't disqualify you as a citizen and in fact doesn't, and leaving aside for the moment that a state does not have the power to disqualify presidential candidates for a federal election due to a little thing called the Supremacy Clause, and leaving aside the fact that the Full Faith and Due Credit clause requires states to recognize documents from other states the same way that they would be recognized in their own state such that no state can decide that another state's birth certificates aren't good enough for them, and leaving aside the fact that they didn't realize until after the bill was already presented that there should be some form of alternative proof of natural born citizenship, this bill requires not just one but two of the above, so this requires basically--

In order to be a natural born citizen, you have to either be of a form of the Christian religion that baptizes, or male, or both, since women don't have access to circumcision records and many faiths (or non-faiths, as the case may be) do not baptize babies or keep baptismal records. Or, you have to be born in a hospital, so home births and people who are born not in hospitals or people whose hospitals have lost or failed to keep accurate records.


Of course, you can circumvent all of those pathways if you have the long form birth certificate.

But you don't have the long form birth certificate if you were born in Arizona.

Arizona does not issue long form birth certificates and it hasn't since 1989. Source through Lexis is Arizona Vital Records. This is fine for the current generation, since 1990 onward is too young to run for president and will be for a while yet. But the fact that this law is so phenomenally short-sighted that it renders citizens of Arizona ineligible to run for the presidency in future generations is the proof in the pudding of just how completely idiotic this bill is.

You don't have to be a crazy liberal like me to think that this bill is stupid. It was vetoed by Jan Brewer, a woman with whom I rarely agree, on the grounds of its total ridiculousness, but they've got the votes to override the veto if they decide to court the tea party to the extent that they will do that.

It's not that I'm surprised that the Arizona legislature is doing phenomenally idiotic things, exactly. But I do find it surprising that a state legislature would attempt to launch a political assault on a sitting president like this. His birth certificate isn't long form, so it isn't good enough for the Arizona legislature. Like the birth certificates of all children born in Arizona starting in 1990.

There is not much content on this journal lately, and most of it is about how my job search has sucked and will continue to suck. But seriously. This is too ridiculous for me not to comment. They don't even issue long form birth certificates and they brought this to the governor's desk.

This is like the long-form RL version of "SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET."
Passover is like dieting. For breakfast, I had a glass of juice and a string cheese. For lunch, I had a mango, a stick of marble jack cheese, and a small handful of peanuts.

So I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones tonight.

Spoilers!Collapse )

Mar. 19th, 2011

People at the courthouse keep telling me, "You're too smart to not have a job."

It's very hard to not respond with variations on, "Yes, I know."
I love cartoons. :D


Avengers assemble!